David Millsaps / About

I design digital experiences on the web, mobile devices and in built environments. I enjoy thinking about information and media theory and its impact on culture and community.

My work has a persistent theme, informed by one of my earliest lessons in design: the relationship of the micro to macro.  Every project is composed of bits, from the individual user to the content that they use.  The end result is the macro whole- a complete experience built on an interdisciplinary web of relationships and connections.  That theme is reflected in my work:

  • Institutional and Corporate Websites: analysis and ethnographic research of communities and customers, personas,  digital strategy an lead capture and nurture design and information architecture
  • Ecommerce: customer and product research, product information architecture, search engine strategy, customization interface design
  • New Media Publications: analysis, research, search engine strategy, social media strategy and design for niche and community publications
  • Business Tools: statistical analysis and the creation of interactive information graphics and analytic dashboard design
  • Mobile Apps: user research, service and interaction design and graphic design of mobile apps on the web, iOS and Android platforms

I also create interactive art that has been displayed at the in galleries, museums and for installation in commercial environments.