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Dave Winer on the Tech Empires

Normally I am really excited about everything going on on the web. We are moving so fast- its exhilarating.  This week though- things are kind of gloomy.  The brands/tools I love are acting like assholes and its hard to avoid feeling negative about it.  I want to boycott them, but hell, my business is built on these things- that's why they know they can do it. My thinking has changed recently, as Google's moves with Buzz have surfaced, and Apple's moves to control sexual imagery in the the app store, as they embark on an ugly and dishonest campaign against Flash. Patents are nothing new. Last year, Google patented some very basic technology we created in the first wave of RSS apps. Another company was granted a patent on podcasting. It goes on all the time. What is different is that tech companies are ...

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Murdoch’s paywalls are ‘antithetical to everything’

Speaking at an event hosted by digital agency Albion, Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of The Guardian, outlined his vision of the role that journalists and newspapers will play in an internet-led future, and took another sideswipe at Murdoch's "dubious" business model. He said it was important for publishers to change their mindset from an "us versus them" approach, to place the focus on involvement instead of authority. The editor-in-chief was also vociferous about the "open" model of the internet and the philosophy of "do what you do best and link to the rest". "If you are open, that means you want to be part of the way the web works rather than simply on the web," he said. "I think that leads you to think about the whole democratisation of the web, the whole way it works as a series of links and how all...

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Calacanis on Buzz

"Facebook is working on Facebooksense, their version of Adsense. These ads will be available on sites that also have facebook connect. When they build their own ad network they will have behavioral and page content and be able to use the two to build ads. Google commoditized social networking using Buzz to undermine this launch." Paraphrased from Jason Calacanis TWiST #41...

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Ira Glass, Storyteller

Last week I got to see Ira Glass address the journalism students at UNC.  His format was similar to a This American Life episode but was centered around storytelling and how that process has grown and the conventions that the TAL staff uses to engage the listener.  Ira was awesome, and he even talked about his early reporting and how bad he was when he started. I guess there is some hope for me after all. The La Times has a great profile on Mr Glass. Ira Glass, storyteller -

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Google vs. Bing

I was surprised to read this on the Register.  If Vijay Gill is right, Microsoft's cloud solution seems quaint.  Google's approach to IT issues is design thinking in action- the sort of scalable dynamic solutions that are enabling their applications to have as flexible a foundation as possible. As an example, he said, Microsoft is working to juice the performance of its Virtual Earth mapping service using so-called "edge technologies" - a combination of Akamai-like CDN (content delivery network) tools and actual code that runs at the edge of the network. "We're looking at a mixture of approaches and trying to solve problems for specific applications and types of applications," he said. At which point, Gill piped up to explain - in his matter-of-fact monotone - why Microsoft's philosophy is fundamentally flawed. He pointed his audience to a blog post where an online real estate outfit called Redfin says it recently ditched...

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