New Raleigh

Today we announced the end of publishing New Raleigh.  About 7 years ago, I had the overwhelming urge to capture the momentum of the city.  I felt like what was out there wasn't capturing any of the truly unique things happening and they had no discrimination about what they wrote about.  Our focus with New Raleigh was on being critical, discriminating and exposing the best and worst of the budding downtown.  We did that 10 fold - it was wonderfully exhilarating .  We honed our strategy and built an audience. Almost a year before launch I thought of the name/found the domain name.  And on Halloween night I pitched it to Mark Kuykendall and Chad Evans.  I wanted to expose the poor development practices happening downtown and I wanted to highlight all of the cool things that weren't part of Glenwood South.  I remember very early- 6 months before we launched- I told local PR guru...

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